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The most usable accesory for Crossfit and weightlifting. Try STORMS WRIST WRAPS.


Choose your t-shirt

Comfortable T-shirts for your training and leisure. We thought about quality and design.

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Strengthen your wrist

STORMS wrist wraps are suitable for all sports. CrossFit, weightlifting, poledance, workout and more.

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Save your grip

Lifting staps for the gym and the CF box. They help saveyour  grip. Improve your maxims with STORMS

Why and how use STORMS Wrist Wraps?

Wrist wraps / wrist bandages with wrap used in many sports such as Crossfit, weightlifting, street workout, pole dance, powerlifting. It is the most widely used accessory.


STORMS wrist wraps perfectly wrist wrist to prevent injury due to overload and wrist placement during demanding exercises, maximum weights and gymnastics. To prevent wrist injury try STORMS wrist wraps.

Advantages of STORMS bandages:

  • Wrists are always fixed and warm thanks to bandages

  • It does not strangle the hand like elastic bandages

  • Easy loosening and tightening of your wrist wraps

  • Amazing and original design

All STORMS wrist wraps are manufactured in the Czech Republic and we use material from Czech companies

Some tips:

Before putting on the bandage certainly available excellent warming and stretching of the wrist.

They should not extend over the wrist paths into the palm.

Do you have a sore wrist, are you injured or would you like to protect your wrist? Try our wrist wraps


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